Monday, May 26, 2014

Making Fit Happen: Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend as much as I did!

This post is the first in what (I hope) will be a series called Making Fit Happen, dedicated to fitting in fitness while on vacation, travelling for business, or when life just gets in the way.

The family and I went away to Greenville, SC for the weekend, so I did a bit of planning and rearranging of workouts....

As planned, it was an active vacation anyway. One of the reasons we love Greenville, aside from the beautiful scenery, is the walkability." We love that we can park at the hotel upon arrival and not get back in the car again until we leave, while still being able to hit all the attractions in between.

In addition to walking everywhere every day, I squeezed in 30-35 minutes of running each morning after breakfast. With 2 kiddos, we're usually up and eating breakfast by 6:30, so while everyone was continuing to wake up and ease into the day, I headed out to for a jog. I was a little bummed the first morning because I forgot my headphones, but honestly, who needs music when you can listen to the rush of the waterfall and take in the scenery?!

I could totally get used to running through this park every day! Sunday was supposed to be my off day from exercising but I had to take advantage and run anyway.

All of my T25 week 1 workouts were complete before we headed out of town, with the exception of Sunday's stretching routine, so I packed the laptop and my DVDs. Easy enough to set it up in the room and get it done! I did this stretching routine prior to my jog. Best. Decision. Ever. I felt nice and loose, and definitely was able to run a bit faster than the day before.

There will surely be another Making Fit Happen post toward the end of the week, as life is just about to get in the way. Just found out the hubby has to be away Wednesday through Sunday. Gasp! How will I fit in my long run?!

How did you "make fit happen" over the long weekend?

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  1. I'm excited for these!! My life always gets in the way and now my gym is closed so I hve to figure out how to do it at home!