Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Wait, it's only Wednesday?

Evidently I woke up in some kind of time warp today. Either that or I was subconsciously trying to will the extra long weekend to come sooner rather than later...

I hopped out of bed (or stumbled, rather) just after 5 am for a date with Shaun T and Focus T25. After jumping, sweating and gasping for air for the past couple workouts, I was happy to pop in the Ab Intervals DVD.

So 2 things.... 1) This was no easy workout! I was gritting my teeth and still working up a good sweat. 2) This was actually supposed to be Thursday's workout according to the schedule. I had no clue I was a day ahead of myself until much later in the day...

Lucky for mommy, both kiddos slept until about 6:30. Such a rare thing in this house. Even daddy stayed in bed later than usual, so I got some quiet time with my 2 favorites - coffee and breakfast!

Despite it's blob-like appearance, this protein breakfast cookie was delicious and filling!
I was totally scatterbrained trying to leave the house this morning. I must've run back inside 3 or 4 times to grab things I had forgotten before I managed to make it out of the driveway. I totally forgot my massive water cup with the straw. Boo. But it was a good excuse to sneak in some more exercise on a gorgeous before I started the workday - a 30-minute round trip walk to one of my favorite coffee shops for an iced coffee and a liter of water that I refilled numerous times throughout the day.

With all this working out (T25 plus half-marathon training), I've been starving! I've been making a conscious effort to pack more snacks in my lunch bag and eat more calories. It seems counter intuitive given that I'd like to drop the couple pounds I gained while injured (total "vanity pounds", I'll admit), but it is definitely doing the trick. Less is not always more! Anyway... with my enormous appetite, I ended up eating everything I packed for the day by noon. Oops.

A sad looking lunch at my desk. Vegan potstickers.
After lunch, I ended confusing the heck out of my co-workers due to my thinking that it was Thursday instead of Wednesday. Right around the same time, a text message exchange with my husband led me to realize that I had started the day with the Thursday workout instead of Wednesday. That disappointing moment went you realize you are actually one day farther away from the holiday weekend than you thought...

Dinner was on the table in a flash tonight! Tip: cook up a big batch of brown rice over the weekend to use for lunches and dinners throughout the week. All I did was top the brown rice with the some drained and rinsed black beans, and heat it in the microwave for about a minute and a half per bowl. Throw some salsa, tomatoes and avocado on top and voila! Dinner is served.

Good carbs, protein, and healthy fat - oh my!
The littlest one was not interested in going to bed tonight, so I ended up rocking her until almost 8:15. An 8:30 pm run was not exactly what I had in mind...but I take what I can get. On went the running shoes, and off went mommy.

I bounded out the door (or so I thought) feeling pretty good. Runkeeper updates me on my pace every 5 minutes, and I was surprised at the 5 minute mark when it told me I was running a 10:40 mile. What?! I felt like I was going much faster than that.... So I decided to pick up the pace. At the 10 minute mark: 10:50 pace. WTF?? How can that be? Part of the time warp I woke up in? Wondering if the GPS went a little haywire tonight because there is also no way I was running a 6:52 for the last .05 miles either...

Looking forward to the REAL Thursday tomorrow, since it puts me one day closer to my extended holiday weekend! We're headed to South Carolina for a relaxing, but active family mini-vacation.

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

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