Thursday, June 19, 2014

Aha Moment & Back to Basics Challenge

Despite my posting about focusing on non-scale victories and less on the 3-4 pesky pounds I can't get rid of, I stepped on the scale this morning and was once again disappointed. I've amped up my workouts and diligently logged and controlled my calories, and still those few extra pounds won't budge. What gives?

I turned to my MyPlate app and went back a few months to review what I was eating then vs. now. And that's when it hit me - I've allowed myself to fall into the convenience foods trap.

While I don't consider anything I eat to be "junk food", I have admittedly gotten away from eating whole foods. According to my food log, dinners last fall were typically refried bean and black bean tacos, roasted chickpeas and marinara over whole wheat pasta and spinach, and homemade bean and veggie soups. Dinners these days are all too often some kind of faux chicken tenders or meatless burgers or hot dogs. In a nutshell, too many of my dinners are coming out of freezer packages. (I know I just posted about my love of Gardein products last night. Yes, I am once again throwing what I said out the window...)

I had a similar realization about this time last summer, that I was relying too much on vegan packaged foods. So I resolved to get back to basics, and it's no coincidence that within about 6 weeks I felt better and as a couple pounds lighter.

So here I am, round 2. I'm kicking off my very own Back to Basics Challenge. With the exception of some tofu or tempeh here and there, I'm backing off the meat substitutes and planning meals around staples like beans and rice. As an added bonus, it will help me cut down on my astronomical grocery bills! No coincidence here either that I was spending significantly less on groceries a year ago.



Who wants to join me in this challenge?

I'll be posting updates once a week on how the challenge is going for me, and what changes I'm noticing. Follow along!

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