Sunday, June 1, 2014

Making Fit Happen: When Daddy Goes to Mississippi

Wow - how did I even make it to Sunday without losing my mind? Or passing out from exhaustion? Daddy has been away since Wednesday, and won't be back for another day or so yet. I have a new found respect for single parents. It is HARD WORK doing everything on your own. Holy moly...

Somehow, someway, I managed to fit in my exercise here and there, with a little planning and A LOT of flexibility. Here's a rundown of how the days have been going, from a fitness perspective...


  • 7 pm - Focus T25 Speed 1.0 workout between bathing the kids and putting the younger one to bed
  • 8 pm - Spin bike in the basement for 25 minutes between putting the little one to bed and putting the big one to bed
  • 9 pm - 21 Day Fix Upper fix after both kiddos were asleep

  • 7 pm - T25 Cardio between bath time and bedtime #1
  • 8 pm: 35 minutes on the Spin bike between bedtime #1 and bedtime #2
Friday: Huge advantage here because Comcast was scheduled to come out to install our new service. Luckily I have a fairly flexible job, so I opted to work from home.
  • 8 am - T25 Ab Intervals after dropping the kids off at daycare
  • 12 pm - 7 mile run for my "lunch break"
  • 6:30 am - T25 Lower Focus before getting ready for the swim class that wasn't...
  • 1 pm - T25 Core Speed while both kids were napping
  • 7 pm - 21 Day Fix Dirty 30 between bath time and bedtime #1
Squeezed in some pool time too which was an arm workout, since neither child can swim!

  • 8:30 am - 21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio with both kiddos following along :)
  • 8 pm - 40 minutes on the Spin bike between bedtimes
I totally could have used the middle part of my day for exercise, but quite honestly, I was exhausted! I'm Type A to the Nth degree, so I think I overcompensated for my lack of running with a few too many intense workouts inside the house... I sat in the overstuffed chair at 2 in the afternoon with the Food Network on and my eyes closed.

Hoping to get myself out of bed at 5 am to knock out my T25 first thing. Any bets on if I'll actually be able to get out of bed at that hour?!

How did you make fit happen this weekend?

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