Saturday, June 21, 2014

One Plus One Equals One

Say what?! I'm talking about my running today. 1 morning run + 1 evening run = 1 planned long run.

I looked at the forecast last night and saw that it was going to be yet another 90+ degree day. So I told myself that I was going to get up before sunrise (just like the good ol' training days) and get my 9-miler done before the heat and humidity took over the day. So did I do it??

Hell no.

With a toddler in my bed by 4 am, it was just not happening. After drinking my coffee and waking up for a bit, I certainly could have headed out the door at 6. But snuggling on the couch with the littlest one is far better than a morning run.

So I lounged around until it was time to head off to the kiddos' swim class. I decided that rather than immediately going grocery shopping after swim class, we'd come straight home so that I could at least get my run completed before noon. I knew it was in my best interest to carry a water bottle today, so I stopped into my favorite running store quickly and bought one of these:

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The guy at Big Peach also hooked me up with a couple samples of Skratch Exercise Hydration Mix. I used the raspberry one for my run today. (The other one he gave me is pineapple.)

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I headed out the door around 10:30 am planning to run 9 miles. Just a few minutes in, I could really tell that it was harder than usual to keep my breathing under control, thanks to the humidity. Plus, the sun was blazing. And it sounds silly, but I felt very aware of the extra energy I was expending by swinging my arms with a full water bottle strapped to one hand. (Bonus arm workout!) I must've switch my water bottle from my right hand to my left and back again about a hundred times. It was awkward and somewhat uncomfortable, but I was certainly glad to have something to sip on!

Around mile 5, I inadvertently stopped my Runkeeper, so I decided I'd go ahead and pause for a minute to catch my breath and take a few extra swigs of my Skratch. As soon as I stopped, I felt a wave of dizziness and nausea come over meet. Damn heat!

I managed to run another .68 miles back to the house. 5.68 miles total out of the 9 I had planned. I was bummed, but it was the right thing to do to throw in the towel. My body was sending me pretty clear signals that it was time to stop.

Flash forward to late afternoon - we had a popup thunderstorm that significantly cooled down the air temperature (although it actually increased the humidity). Once it stopped raining, I immediately started thinking, "Maybe I can go for a second run and complete the rest of my nine miles."

I took the girls for a walk after dinner to get a feel for the temperature. It was a much more comfortable temperature, and there was a great breeze. So, you can probably guess what happened later on...

Back out the door just before 8 pm! I covered another 3.81 miles, and it was actually pleasant!

Overall, I covered 9.49 miles today (just shy of a half mile more than I had planned). And if you add in my evening walk with the munchkins, I actually covered over 10.5 miles on foot. Not bad!

Today was a pretty important reminder that I need to adjust my training schedule to work around the heat. So Monday morning, I plan to get back to my 5 am running schedule that I used to follow way back when I first started running - which means I'll need to be very good about getting to bed before 10.

I also realized today that every race I've ever run has been in cool/cold temperatures. I typically gripe about running in the cold, but it's actually pretty smart, I guess, to only run fall and winter races. I will absolutely be keeping my expectations in check for the Hotlanta Half. It's going to be more important to fuel and hydrate well, and cross the finish line safely than it will be to try and set a new PR.

Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!!


Runner friends: do you run with a water bottles or hydration pack regularly?

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