Thursday, June 5, 2014

Running for My Life

Well, Mother Nature wins tonight! I had planned to run 4 miles, but the weather had other plans. Or rather, the weather didn't give a sh*t about my plans!

Daddy and I are alternating kid bedtimes, so each night, we each put one kid to bed. Tonight I was on 20-month-old bedtime duty, so I didn't head out the door until about 8. I saw the dark clouds in the distance, and I thought for a second about bagging it. But being the textbook Type A that I am, I went for it anyway. Plus, Mommy has to grab any time she can to get her run on!

Those clouds started rolling in fast. Within 10 minutes the sky basically turned black. Not a nighttime kind of black, but an impending tornado kind of black. And the wind started whipping. I was having flashbacks to last year when I got caught outside running in an EF1 tornado. (Yes, that really happened!)

Then the lightning started. I kid you not, it was blinding - as if someone had just used a camera flash right in front of my face. Scary! And shortly thereafter, the sky opened up. I was literally running for my life, heading home as fast as I could with water sloshing around in my shoes and my eyes so full of water I could barely see where I was going.

2.73 miles later, I made it home looking like a drowned rat. The upside - I ran and 8:45/mile pace! So it wasn't the 4-miler I was hoping for, but we'll call this one a speed workout. And in that case - a total success!

The other bonus was that I was able to get an earlier start on my T25 cardio workout (which I had planned to do at 5 am, but instead I was snuggling a toddler at 5 am which is definitely much higher priority!!).

I'll leave you with a semi-related question tonight...

Do you prefer working out in the morning, mid-day or at night?


  1. I hate when lightning surprises me when I'm out on a run! I don't mind the rain so much but I head home as soon as the lightning starts. And to answer your question, I'm an early morning runner.
    I found your blog through Jill's Fitness Friday. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Angie! I used to do all my running in the early morning, but for some reason, after baby #2, I lost the ability to get out and get moving that early!

  3. Kids are always the priority but at 5:00 a.m. I rarely have to choose. I'm a morning person. The earlier the workout the better!

    Thanks for linking up! Would you mind helping me spread the word and including the Fitness Friday button in your post or on your sidebar? Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks for hosting the link up! I'll absolutely grab the button!