Sunday, July 20, 2014

Home (Bitter)Sweet Home

It's always so hard to say goodbye to a week of relaxation and lack of obligations. But alas, we had to come home today. We pulled in the driveway around 12:30 this afternoon, unloaded the car and unpacked the bags, and then headed straight back out to restock the kitchen. It doesn't take long to get back into the regular routine...

Farewell Savannah...

Before I left for Savannah last week, I set some goals for my week-long vacation. Here's a recap and review of how well I did against these goals:

1) Sleep. A lot. This one is a little dependent on kiddos sleeping well too, but I really need to catch up on some sleep! I plan to get to bed at a decent time every night and stay in bed as long as possible. I want to come back feeling refreshed and re-energized.

I'd say I did ok on this one. I didn't go to bed super early, but did spend most nights resting and unwinding in bed before going to sleep. Both kids woke us up quite bit early in the week. It wasn't until about Wednesday or Thursday that they settled in and slept well.

2) Run. Just enough. I want to keep up with my training, but not be obsessive about it. I want to run and enjoy it! Run without feeling rushed or worried about pace - just take in the scenery.

Just ok on this one too. I ran my scheduled miles (other than cutting my long run a little short yesterday...), but I can't say I enjoyed it a lot. It was really humid, and running in an unfamiliar city can be tough. Plus, I have to confess that I am just not really loving running in general lately. It feels like a necessary evil rather than an enjoyable activity. I'm seriously considering a hiatus from running any longer than 4 miles after I get through my 2 half marathons this year.

3) Don't think about work. At all. I'm not going to lie - this one is going to be tough for me, for a variety of reasons. But I'm going to give my best effort not to check emails and not to think about (or worry about) what might be going on while I'm out of the office.

This was a fail. Well, not entirely I guess. I did well most days, but there was this one day... I checked my email and found an email directed to me that was clearly needing (and asking for) immediate response. And that set off a 24-hour period of thinking about work like crazy. Sigh.

4) Enjoy good food and wine. Sounds easy enough, right? Sadly, easier said than done for me most of the time, as a habitual calorie counter. I'm going to try and let loose. I certainly don't plan on gorging myself, but I definitely want to be able to enjoy some good local food and even better wine - guilt free. Who knows, I may get really crazy and not log into my MyPlate app at all! (said with fingers crossed behind my back...)

I did well here! Totally kept up with MyPlate, but I definitely enjoyed my fair share of treats and drinks without feeling guilty. I ran, I did my 21 Day Fix workouts, and I walked all over the city pretty much every day. I earned every last French fry and vodka tonic! :)

5) Read a few chapters of my personal trainer study materials. This is the only real "accomplishment" on my list. I'm definitely not going to stress about it, but I would like to capitalize on the lack of other obligations for the week and read a few chapters while the girls are napping.

100% fail. I really just didn't want to do anything intellectual. I needed a break from it all. So instead, I spent nap time playing spider solitaire on my Kindle, and looking up places to go and things to see.

6) Enjoy my family. Last but certainly not least. I want to just enjoy every minute of being with my family. Be 100% present for everything we do - everything from making breakfast to going to the beach. This is our first real family vacation, and I want to make the most of our time together.

Success! Of course there were moments of sheer frustration (and even desperation) due to some out of control kid behavior, but beyond that, I really soaked up every minute of everything we did together.


Back to the grind tomorrow. But I do have some things to look forward to including a visit from my best friend in a few weeks (who I haven't seen in 6 years!!) and a trip to Colorado with the hubby in October.

What are you looking forward to?

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