Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just Because I Can, Doesn't Mean I Should

Hey! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! It's a busy one over here again, which is why I missed 5 things Friday again. #fail

Anyway... I know I've been doing a lot of whining about my running performance lately, but...get ready for some more! But first let me air my grievances with Runkeeper.

I've been running with Runkeeper for almost 2 years now. For the first year and a half, I didn't seem to have any issues at all. Over the past 6 months, and particularly the most recent couple of months, I've been having major issues with Runkeeper being highly inaccurate. I only wish I could run the 5 min per mile pace that Runkeeper claimed I was running this morning.

Pre-run fuel

I set out for an 11-miler at 5:45 am today, and apparently Runkeeper doesn't like to wake up that early. I stopped it and re-started it twice in the first mile and then finally gave up and just let it go and used it purely as my timekeeper. I decided to just run for total time since I didn't have a great gauge on distance. I ran for a total of 1:45:00(ish). I mapped it out when I got home, and I came up a little shorter than planned mileage wise, and when I roughly figured out my pace, I was incredibly disappointed at how slow I was today. I have run much farther at a significantly faster pace in the past. And ever as recently as April, I was bounding out the door at a 9:30 pace and finishing my run at about a 9:10 average.

Mid-run fuel

I've been wondering if I am over trained, and now I 100% believe I am. I typically ramp up my mileage gradually week over week when I train. But this time around, coming off an injury and carrying a few injury pounds on me, I got over zealous. When my training plan called for a 5 mile long run, I ran 8. And when it called for 8, I did 10. After 8 weeks of that, I'm spent. I'm breathing harder than I should, and my legs are like lead. I rarely start out any faster than a 10:30 first mile - not because I don't want to. I physically can't. I still manage to finish some decently paced runs, but the sad truth is that much of my training has done more harm than good.

So here I am, 4 weeks out my my next half marathon. Over trained and under prepared. I'm still going to run this race, but my expectations will be low. I won't PR, that's for sure. My only goal is to finish no slower than my slowest half (which I finished about 10 minutes slower than my most recent half).


After this next race, I plan to take a couple weeks completely off from running to rejuvenate and seriously re-evaluate how I will train for my Thanksgiving Day half.

So the moral of the story is this:

Just because I can run 20-25 miles per week every week, doesn't mean I should There is a point of diminishing returns, and I passed it several weeks ago.

Any runners out there have advice for bouncing back from over training?


  1. I am training for my second marathon -i actually run best when i lesson my midweek runs mileage wise. I seem to need a lot of recovery. So keep running-you will be fine.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I definitely learned my lesson this time - less is more when it comes to total weekly mileage!