Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My New Happy Weight?

During and after vacation, I went a record (for me) 2 weeks without weighing myself. It felt great to be free of the scale for a little while, although I admit I was nervous about what that number would be once I finally stepped back on, after a week of indulging in Savannah.

I finally stepped back on the scale this week, and sure enough, those extra pounds were still there. I keep managing to lose a couple but the second I "slip" and have a glass of wine, they come right back.

Is this my new "happy weight"? Or am I just not trying hard enough to lose these stubborn 3-5 pounds?

I'm definitely guilty of some typical mom eating habits, like picking off the kids plates and finishing off their leftovers sometimes. But even still, I usually only clock in at 1500-1600 calories per day max. I've tried eating less, eating more, changing my workouts, and it doesn't seem to matter lately. It's like my body has decided this is where it wants to be.

Some people (i.e. my husband!) say that I look better and healthier now than I did 6 months ago; that I was too skinny. And truthfully, even though I let these few pounds drive me nuts sometimes, I really do feel healthier now than I did last fall, and I don't get sick every few weeks like I did then.

In the midst of obsessing thinking about this, I read Erica's post this morning about breaking free of calorie counting. My mind almost immediately shifted to "why do I care so much?" I feel happy, strong, and confident. Isn't that all that matters?

Do you weigh yourself regularly? Or use your clothes as a gauge?

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