Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Running Out of Steam + Alternate Blog Titles

This week is flying by! I expected it to drag since I just came back from a week-long vacation, but thankfully I was wrong.

Before I get to the really good stuff, let's talk about breakfast! I got on a roll on vacation eating the same hot oatmeal, rice protein, banana, and PB bowl in the morning, which I continued early this week. It's tasty and it keeps me pleasantly full for hours. Last night though, I decided to make my favorite overnight oatmeal in the crockpot.

I topped a big bowl of it this morning with a tablespoon of peanut butter (which I then mixed it). Holy moly - I didn't eat a thing until lunch, which is highly unusual for me! I was so full, in a good way. And it was crazy delicious - bonus!

This blurry, off-center picture is representative of a typical morning - putting breakfast together with one hand and holding a toddler with the other!

Anyway, moving on to running...

I am really running out of steam with my training lately. I'm starting to really dread going out there, and I am significantly slower than I was at this point during my last training cycle in the fall. At that point, I was running 12 miles at a 9:01 pace. Right now, my sweet spot seems to be about a 9:30, and I'm can be pretty inconsistent from run to run.

5.05 miles on Monday

6.01 miles on Wednesday

I think the heat and humidity is slowing me down some, but my legs seem extra tired this time too. I'll definitely have to re-evaluate my training plan before the Atlanta half (the race after my upcoming race).

My shins were killing me tonight, which made the first mile extra torturous. I seriously considered quitting after a couple miles, but I pepped talked myself into continuing on. To pass the time and distract myself from the pain in my shins, I starting thinking about alternate titles for my blog. Here's what I came up with:

My Inner Mom-alogue --> perhaps a more fitting name for my blog...
Reluctant Runner Mom
Weights & Wine --> would probably need to drink more to live up to this one!
Will Run for Sanity
Mommy's Miles & Trials
Kiddos & Kicks --> get the sneaker reference?! :)

Some of these are kind of catchy, huh? Ha.

If you had a blog (or re-invented your current blog) what would you call it?

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  1. I went back East from California and couldn't even run because of the humidity. It wasn't even productive at all. However, I would love to run those times.