Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vacation Revelations

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! Time certainly does fly when you're I'm having fun! Lots of sightseeing, eating, and drinking, with some exercise sprinkled in.

Because I love lists, here's a list of some of my revelations from vacation thus far (and a couple pics of our fun):

1) Sleep isn't the cure for my recent chronic exhaustion. I really haven't slept that much more on vacation that I do at home, and yet I feel rested for a change. Perhaps it wasn't more sleep that I needed. It was just more freedom and less worry. Obviously it's not realistic to be in vacation mode all the time, but hopefully I can carryover some of the relaxed vacation attitude when I re-enter reality on Monday.

2) My girls are best friends. I kind of already new this, but they are definitely making it more and more obvious this week. They love to be around each other. And it's fun to watch.

3) I can eat dessert and still button my jeans the next day. Moderation. I think there's something to it. Enough said.

4) There are a lot of rundown areas in Savannah. I had this idea in my head that every square inch of Savannah was picturesque. Not the case, unfortunately. But the areas that are nice, are really nice too.

5) You can never really escape work in this day in age. Again, already knew this one, but unfortunately I've had a couple big reminders this week. Oh technology....


I'll be back at the end of the week with a recap of my vacation goals. Off to the beach tomorrow!

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