Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Was that my life flashing before my eyes?

I have never felt as lucky to be alive as I do today.

Holy sh*t. I had the most terrifying experience of my entire 31 years today. I kid you not, I avoided a head on collision by mere inches this morning.

I left work at 10:30 this morning, heading out of the city to take my daughter to her 5 year well checkup. My route to and from work includes a busy 3-lane road, with a reversible lane in the middle. In the morning, 2 lanes head into the city and one heads out. Sometime around 9:30 or 10 am, they switch the indicator lights and that reversible lane heads out of the city. Well I was in that lane zipping right along with both lanes quite busy on either side of me, when suddenly a car was heading straight at me driving the wrong way in the reversible lane. Oddly enough, just moments before I saw the car coming, I thought to myself, "What would I do if someone was driving the wrong way in this lane? There's nowhere to go." Premonition??

I swerved to the right and hoped for the best, knowing that there was a car coming up beside me. I thought it was a done deal that I was going crash, and I figured that sideswiping the car next to me would certainly be better than being hit head on. I honestly don't know how, but somehow I managed to avoid any collisions! The car next to me slammed on the brakes just in time, and thankfully no one hit that car from behind.

It all happened in a flash, but that whole life flashing before your eyes thing? Yeah, that's no joke. Once it was over and I realized what had just happened (what had not happened that could have), I literally couldn't breathe. Well, I could, but I was full-on hyperventilating behind the wheel. And my entire body was shaking. It really took me the rest of the day to fully process what happened.

I feel like a very lucky woman.

Lucky mommy. I squeezed these munchkins extra tight tonight!


I had a 6-miler on the schedule tonight and although I was thoroughly exhausted from my 15 seconds of near-death experience, I knew it would be good for me mentally to get out there. It was my night to put the littlest one to bed, which typically means I get out the door at 8. But tonight it was more like 8:30.

My run was rough. It was still 91 degrees when I walked out the door, and my shins were screaming the entire time. I immediately gave myself permission to run less than my scheduled mileage, but I ended up pushing through. I needed that time just to think.

I'll end it with a lighthearted question for everyone...

What are your plans for the long weekend?

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