Friday, August 8, 2014

5 Things Friday #9

How was everyone's week? I had a great week myself! I seem to be having more of those lately which is a nice change. I had been kinds of stuck in a rut for a while there...

Here are 5 things I'm loving this week:

1) Squeezed Lemonade flavored Vitamin Water Zero - I grabbed one of these out of the cooler while waiting in a ridiculously long line of back-to-school shoppers at Target last weekend. I'm totally hooked! It's got all my post-run electrolytes, and it's just the right amount of sweet. I picked up a few more the next day. I found them at Publix 10 for $10. Score!

2) My ginormous water bottle - I've had numerous coworkers express their jealousy about this beast of a water bottle. If you struggle to drink lots of water during the day, I highly recommend the 50 oz bottle. It came in especially handy today as I was fighting off a slight hangover. I had a little too much fun at the bar after work yesterday (totally out of the ordinary for me!). I drank 3 50-oz bottles of water today!

3) Melissa & Doug Magnetic Responsibility Chart - We've been having some serious behavior issues at home with our 5 year old. After numerous meltdowns (both hers and mine!), I finally decided to order this chart. It's too early to tell if it's working for her, but I feel a little relieved just to have something new to try!

4) Pure Barre - I know, I know; it was on the list last week too. But the more classes I take, the more hooked I'm becoming. And I am amazed at the changes I've seen in just 7 or 8 classes - particularly in my abs! How on Earth will I survive after my new client membership runs out?!


5) Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal - I have a love / hate relationship with this stuff. I love it because it's freaking delicious! But I hate it because I can't keep my hand out of the box! It's such a good snack. Good thing it's fairly low calorie. There are definitely worse things I could be snacking on.

Package shot for Kashi Squares, Honey Sunshine® Cereal

I'll be up before the sun again tomorrow, eating my usual toast with PB and banana before embarking on my 9-mile run. 9 miles will be a breeze after running 12 last weekend!

What are you loving this week?

What do you have planned this weekend?

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