Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Wow - this week is flying by! I hadn't intended taking 2 days off from blogging, but life is crazy right now. Crazy in a good way, but crazy nonetheless.

I've been on a roll with my running this week, despite some serious shin splints. I logged 2 of my fastest runs in quite a while, including today's 6-miler:


Not bad, especially since I went running about 3 hours earlier than usual and it was HOT. 88 degrees to be exact. But lucky for me, it was a rare non-humid day. And I was definitely well hydrated thanks to this bad boy:

The hubby brought this home for me yesterday and I'm kind of in love with it. It holds 50 oz of water if you fill it right up to the top. My daily goal is to drink 100 oz of water, and for some reason it seems less daunting to have to drink just 2 of these instead of 12+ individual cups of water. I easily downed my 100 oz by 2 in the afternoon today! And I got a bit of a bicep workout just lifting this thing to my mouth when it was full! Ha.


Today was a very big day for us - our first baby girl had open house at kindergarten! We met her new teacher, saw her classroom, and showed her around the elementary school. I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry when I drop her off on Monday!! I can't even believe she's already old enough for this.

Keeping it short and sweet tonight. I need to get my beauty sleep. ;)

How's  your week going?

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