Monday, October 6, 2014

Featured Client!

Happy Monday! Normally I'd say the words "happy" and "Monday" don't go together, but I'm feeling pretty happy this Monday - happy to be feeling healthy and rested again! Also, happy and honored to be this month's featured client at my Pure Barre studio!

Last month, I received the studio's newsletter which included a call to all clients to share their stories for a chance to be featured in the next newsletter. If you read this blog (or know me at all!), you know I could go on and on about how much I love Pure Barre. So naturally, I immediately typed up a little something on my phone and sent it in.

I was so excited when I received an email a couple weeks back letting me know that I'd been chosen to be the client feature! Below is what I wrote:

 As a busy working mom of 2, I turned to running a few years ago for both mental and physical fitness. I was sidelined earlier this year with an injury that left me a few pounds heavier and sluggish by the time I was healed and back in my sneakers.

In an effort to lose those pounds and feel good about myself, I added lots of high-impact circuit training workouts to my half marathon training schedule. Not only did I not lose weight this way, but I was left feeling even more sluggish and perpetually exhausted. I knew I needed something lower impact.

I saw a sign advertising the new client special so I decided to give Pure Barre a try. It was love at first tuck! After 2 1/2 weeks, with 10 classes under my belt, my clothes felt looser and I could really see the changes in the mirror.

By the end of my one month of unlimited classes, I was wearing jeans I hadn't fit into for 6 months and my confidence was through the roof.

Though I was hesitant about the cost, I signed up for 3 months unlimited following my new client special. I'm now a regular at the 5:30am classes, and typically attend 5-6 days per week. Not only have I achieved truly amazing physical results, I have also reaped many mental benefits! Class is calming - 55 minutes of zen! I leave class feeling strong, confident and happy - ready to take on the day and perhaps even the world! I have completely stopped the negative self talk and have a completely different attitude when I look in the mirror. Instead of focusing on flaws, I'm feeling proud of the progress. And I have broken the bad habit of weighing myself everyday. Who needs to weigh in when you can see the positive physical transformation in the mirror?! I no longer care about those numbers on the scale.

Thank you Pure Barre for giving me physical and mental strength! I hope to be able to share my love of Pure Barre professionally one day.

What I love most about this piece is that it was 100% real - pure stream of consciousness, written out of true enthusiasm. It took all of 5 minutes to type on my phone and I didn't edit a thing before I sent it. It's 100% me.

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