Thursday, November 20, 2014

2 + 5 = Crazy

Holy moly. Tonight was one of those times...I wasn't sure I could handle all the talking, whining, screaming and crying that comes along with having both a 2 year old and a 5 year old. If everyone's not talking over each other, then they're both whining and crying about different things at the same time. Some days, it feels like too much. Today was one of those days.

If it wasn't for Pure Barre and running, I probably would have completely lost it by now! Exercise keeps me sane. And thankfully, daddy didn't have to work tonight so I was able to run off some of the crazy.

I also lucked out because it was 46 degrees while I was out there. Much warmer than it's been the past several nights! My run was a little slower than last night though because my belly was full of this:

Quinoa, black beans, salsa, tomato and avocado
After my run, I had to make frosting and frost the cupcakes I baked last night for tomorrow's Thanksgiving luncheon at daycare. Apparently they enjoyed the chocolate birthday cupcakes so much, they decided to ask me to provide dessert! I whipped up these beauties:

I used this recipe, but made a couple modifications (because I always have to put my stamp on things!). I used whole wheat flour because that's all I had on hand. I also added about 2-3T of unsweetened vanilla almond milk to the frosting and instead of using clear vanilla flavor for the frosting I used about 1T of vegan vanilla pudding mix. [By the way, baking also keeps me sane! I love it. Which is another reason I need to keep up with my exercise...]


So, remember that barre instructor job I auditioned for? I nailed the audition and interview and got offered the job!! But I didn't take it. :-( It was a tough decision, but ultimately it was just too far from home and from my 9-5. I couldn't commit to teaching the evening class once during the week because of traffic, kid pickup, etc. And I really didn't need one more thing to stress about. Maybe in the near future I can find an instructor job closer to home and teach part-time.

Time to hit the hay. Another crazy day ahead!!

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