Sunday, November 9, 2014

Coming Down the Other Side

I had another one of those "I blinked and it was over" kind of weekends. But it was a good one.

Saturday marked the peak of my half-marathon training schedule! I'm relieved to be coming down the other side. Even though the hubby didn't have to work this weekend, I decided that I would still get up at the crack of dawn to get my 12-miler over and done with so I could enjoy the rest of my day. My alarm went off at 4:50 am, and the very first thing I did was check the weather.

Oy. I decided to make some coffee to warm myself up, and I ate one (or two...) of these babies for fuel:

I layered up and covered my ears, and checked the weather one last before heading out at 5:45.

Even colder!
For some reason, my Runkeeper audio cues completely failed. I'm so used to getting updates via my headphones every 5 minutes on my distance, pace and overall time. I pulled my iPhone out of my Spibelt at the half-mile landmark to make sure Runkeeper was tracking me, and it was. I guess it was a blessing in disguise. It actually took some of the pressure off not knowing what my pace was, and it made it even easier for me to get lost in my music and let my mind go elsewhere. At one point, my mind went so far elsewhere that I suddenly looked around in the dark and could NOT figure out where I was! I completely blanked out. A definite first for me.

I checked my phone a couple more times starting at around 9 miles, and when I got home just before 7:40, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had run at a pretty good clip. Nowhere near as fast as I ran my 12-miler this time last year, but I will take it, for sure.

It felt great to get up and get it done, and still have the whole day ahead. I immediately got ready for the Saturday swim class and grocery shopping routine. Have I mentioned how amazing it is to spend 30 minutes in the pool after a long run?!

After the shopping was done and I dropped my big girl off at a friend's house, I headed up north of the city for an audition. Yes, that's right - a barre instructor audition! On Friday, I saw a job posting on LinkedIn for a barre instructor at a brand new (non-franchise) barre studio opening next month. On a whim, I applied. I got a call almost right away, and agreed to meet, interview and audition on Saturday. It's the most excited I've been about anything in a while! I enjoyed meeting the founder/owner of the studio, and enjoyed hearing her story about leaving corporate America to pursue her passion for the barre. So jealous... The studio is a bit of a hike (about 25 minutes north of home), but I think I can make it work if she offers me a spot. We'll see!

I capped off a great Saturday with some late(ish) Asian takeout and wine with the hubby. It's always nice to have a chance to talk without kiddo interruptions!

One-on-one time with mommy while big sister was at her sleepover.
Sunday went by even fast than Saturday. I started with a 9:15 Pure Barre class, lazed around on the couch for much of the afternoon, and hobbled out on my sore calves for a short recovery run. Oh, and in the late morning, I got pulled over and issued a ticket for a traffic violation that totally DID NOT commit! It was seriously one of those alternate universe moments, like "is this really happening?!" I can now imagine how people who are falsely accused of more serious crimes feel. When it's your word against a large uniformed officer, you don't stand a chance, even when you've done nothing wrong. Ugh - I can't even talk about it anymore.

I'm going to need a good night's sleep and several deep breaths before I can face Monday in the office. I'm sure everyone feels the same way.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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