Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ready to Race

Another weekend, over already. They go by so fast...

My training schedule had me running 8 miles on Saturday - my last long run before race day! I debated on Friday night whether or not I would get up and get it over with early in the morning on Friday. Ultimately I decided I would take advantage of a little extra rest and run later in the day.

I slept until 7:15 on Saturday morning!! Unheard of in this house. I forgot what it felt like to feel rested. Once I was up for the day, it was the usual swim class, donuts, and grocery shopping routine. The only thin out of the ordinary was breakfast. I wasn't very hungry - something also unheard of in this house.

Normally this would NEVER fill me up!
After the morning routine, I headed out for my run. It was about 50 degrees and sunny. Pretty much ideal conditions for a long run. I felt a couple twinges here and there (hip, knee), but overall I felt great! Totally ready to race.

Only a couple more short runs before the big 13.1! I was supposed to run today, but I'm deferring to tomorrow. It was dark and rainy all day, and I didn't feel well. (The takeout seemed like a good idea last night, but not so much today...)

I'm looking forward to the short workweek! It's off to bed....

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