Thursday, November 6, 2014

Running Out of a Funk

Long time, no blog. Again, I really want to get back to posting more regularly, since it's so cathartic. But I really just haven't had much to say lately. Or at least not much that I want to say so publicly!

It's fair to say I've been in a funk recently...but a 6+ mile run was just what I needed tonight! It was clear, bright, and cool (but not cold!) outside. It took me a couple miles to really get into it, but I had so much on my mind and was doing so much thinking that I just about forgot that I was running for a while. Seriously. And thinking so hard made me run faster without even realizing it.

Loving those splits! Faster and faster as I went along.

I felt so much more relaxed when I got home. I only wish I had felt this relaxed and relieved before the kiddos went to bed, but at least it's almost the weekend! Even my 2-year-old has been talking about the weekend since Tuesday.

I'm treating myself to a glass of wine as a reward for working so hard this week. If I was a "normal" person, I'd probably cut myself a break and sleep in until 6 tomorrow. But alas, I'm not a normal person so I'll be up at 5 am for Pure Barre, per usual. :)

Keeping it short and sweet tonight - and hoping I'll feel more inspired to write more often again soon!

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