Sunday, January 29, 2017

Recap: Running for Two

Hey there! I blinked and the weekend was over already! Boo. 😡

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a lot of content planned - including an update on my running. But before I get to where I am now, I wanted to go back and recap where I've been - starting with my experience running through my third pregnancy.

When I found out I was pregnant with baby #3 at the end of July 2015, I was still pretty well conditioned from the half marathon I ran earlier in the year (my PR!! 😁). I was consistently running 7-8 miles every Saturday, and then BAM - right at about 6 weeks pregnant my entire body felt like lead. It was SO HARD to drag myself out the door and put one foot in front of the other, but I immediately set a goal of running until at least 32 weeks.

Why 32 weeks?? Truthfully, I just couldn't stand the thought of being away from running for more than 2 months! Running is my sanity, and it make me feel alive and knew I would miss that feeling.

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Heading out for a run at about 16 weeks.

My secondary motivation was just enjoying every minute (every french fry, every donut!) of what I knew would be my last pregnancy without setting myself even farther back physically after baby (read: without gaining an excessive amount of weight).

I ran 3-4 days a week each week with a few exceptions, like when I had a horrible cough and needed to slow it down. There were times when it felt great and I came back home more energized than when I started. There were also times where I just felt heavy and tired, and (TMI ALERT) like I was going to pee my pants the entire time. 😱

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29.5 weeks - January 2015

Despite the physical distractions, I spent most of my running time reflecting on life as a mom of 2, and thinking about what life would be like as a mom of 3. While baby 3 was planned, I admittedly still had a lot of anxiety and second thoughts -  why on earth did I decide to do this again?! Running was the perfect outlet for my nervous energy.

1 year ago today!

I ended up surpassing my goal of 32 weeks and ran until 35 weeks (though the last 3 weeks or so I had switched to run/walk intervals). I got a lot of strange / concerned looks, but also got a lot of thumbs up and "way to go's" from passersby.

I also achieved my goal of not depriving myself of the foods I craved. I kept my belly very happy, and kept my weight gain to 26 lbs - the exact same amount of weight I gained with babies #1 and #2.

In addition to helping with a smooth, uncomplicated (and FAST!) delivery, I truly believe running throughout my pregnancy (along with sticking to my 5-6 days of Pure Barre every week) played a very important role in coming back better, faster and stronger postpartum.

More on that next time... 😏

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