Friday, January 27, 2017

Testing, 1, 2, 3...

Test, test - is this thing still on?!

Hey there! It's been a while! 2 years, 1 month, and 2 weeks to be exact... I didn't intend to walk away from this blog. It just happened. It happened because I (yet again!) allowed my passion project to become a chore. Not because I didn't enjoy posting here - quite the opposite! I loved the having this as an outlet to write about my greatest loves - my family, my fitness, and of course, FOOD! Yet it became a chore because I just put to much pressure on myself to do everything all the time, and didn't take time to prioritize the things that were most important to me and let go of the things that weren't.

But enough of the downer stuff - I'm back! And so much has happened since I last posted. Most everyone who reads this knows me and knows what I've been up to, but here are some of the highlights from the past couple years in bullet-point form (because - organization! 😁):

  • March 2015: I ran the Publix Georgia Half Marathon - my 7th half, and a new PR for me! 1:53:35 - I couldn't even believe it! It was more than 10 minutes faster than my first half back in October 2010. And it was especially awesome because my dad was there watching me cross the finish line. 😍

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  • July 2015: Found out I was pregnant with baby #3! (Yes, on purpose... That seemed to be the popular question the third time around.)
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  • March 2016: My baby boy was born!! Just like his sisters, he was born in a hurry - just 3 hours and 10 minutes after induction was started. And he was and is the sweetest baby boy ever!

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  • June 2016: As if having another baby wasn't enough of a life change, I left my job of 5 years to take a new job with a company based in Savannah, GA. I worked remotely for a few months, but had agreed to move to Greenville, SC.

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First day at the new job - training in Savannah.

  • September 2016: Quite possibly the most chaotic, stressful and exciting times of my life... We simultaneously sold our old house just outside Atlanta and bought a new house and moved to Greenville, SC. As part of the move, the hubby left his job and started staying home with the kiddos. (No pressure mommy...)
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Movin' on up! The new house!
There was obviously a lot more in between, but that basically brings us to today - to my new normal. I have an amazingly flexible job that allows me to work from wherever whenever - though I do love going into the office because I can take a walk here every day:

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And through all this change, I have managed to become better, faster and stronger - keeping up and even improving my fitness. (So much more to come on this!!)

So, please check back in - I have a lot of exciting content in the works:
  • The new vision for my blog
  • An update on my running (and the injury that took me out of commission...)
  • Why I quit Pure Barre
  • My new fitness routine
  • And more!
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Thanks for reading! Until next time... ✌

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