Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Whirlwind of a Week

Oh, hey there! What a week! I fully intended to post a couple times,!

I knew going in that the week was going to be crazy. I had my first business trip since baby boy was born that was longer than 36 hours. I was gone before the kids woke up Monday and didn't get back until after their bedtime on Wednesday (though the girls were still up when I walked in the door at 8:15).

Here are some of the highlights...


  • Monday: 40 minutes of weights at 4am before my early morning flight; walking between concourses at Hartsfield-Jackson; walking to dinner in Savannah
  • Tuesday: 30 minutes of weights in the hotel gym; 4-mile run around Savannah
  • Wednesday: 1-hour of weights in the hotel gym; lots of walking around the airport again...
  • Thursday: 4-mile run in the morning; 30 minutes of weights in the evening
  • Friday: 45 minutes of weights at 5:45am; lunchtime walk around downtown Greenville; 28 minutes of HIIT at 8:30pm
  • Saturday: 8.2 mile run at an 8:23 pace - WOOHOO!
Ready to race again!!!
  • Sunday: The whole day was a big workout! 5.5 mile walk on the trail; 55 minutes of TRX/bodyweight in the garage; 3.1 mile run pushing my 4 year old in the stroller. Ooof!
**OOOH!! And I signed up to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon on May 7 with my uncle! This will be his first half, and my 8th - but my first since baby #3!
 I'm running for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. You can donate here:**

  • 6 flights in 3 days!!
  • Greenville > Atlanta > Savannah on Monday; worked in the office in Savannah
  • Savannah > Atlanta > Indianapolis on Tuesday
  • Prospective client meeting on Wednesday morning in Indy (#nailedit); then Indy > Atlanta > Greenville
  • Worked from home Thursday after all that travel, then back in the office on Friday morning
  • Tried my best to make healthy choices while traveling but still enjoy myself.
  • Went out to dinner with co-workers in Savannah at The Chart House. Had a fabulous kale salad - and some amazing Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Another amazing kale salad (and more wine!) in the airport in Atlanta
  • Out to dinner again Friday - tried a new place locally called Risata Pizza. YUM! I had the veggie sandwich with no cheese.
Phew - I'm wiped out! Sorry for the lack of pictures...there was just no time!

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