Sunday, February 5, 2017

Weekend in Review + Business Trip Prep

Well, it's Sunday night already! Why do the workweeks seem to drag and weekends go by in the blink of an eye?! I don't really feel like I did much this weekend, yet it felt busy at the same time.

Friday night was kind of a disaster. Baby boy would not go to sleep in his crib. I finally laid down with him in my bed, and by the time he fell asleep, it was already 8:30. The last thing I really wanted to do was more exercise (I had already hit the weights in the garage at 5:45am and taken a long walk at lunchtime...). But, I spent way too much time sitting during the day and just generally needed to blow off some steam. So I put my sneakers on, and headed to the garage for 30 minutes, then had a glass of wine before bed.

Friday night shenanigans...

Saturday morning was a complete blur of blow ups and tantrums. I had planned to go for my long run at 9, but didn't make it out the door until 10. (Side note: my goal is to add a mile back to my long run each week this month and run a 10-miler by the end of the month.)

I felt a little sluggish when I first started out, but settled into my run pretty well, and ended up finishing at an 8:27 pace - 10 seconds per mile slower than last weekend's long run, which had been my fastest ever. But I can't be mad about running 7 miles in under an hour at 10 months postpartum! 🙆

Most of the rest of the afternoon was spent taking my oldest to a birthday party. Honestly, she was lucky she even got to go after the behavior she displayed in the morning...

Jumping at Gravitopia
Daddy stayed home with the littlest munchkins for the almost 3 hours we were gone. In order to give him some time by himself, I took all 3 kiddos to the grocery store with me. Oof.

Most difficult cart ever - but how cute are they?!
After my long run, a kid birthday party, and pushing the massive car cart around Publix, I definitely earned that popcorn and glass of wine (or 4) that I had after the kids went to bed!

This morning, I managed to stay in bed (with the baby, of course) until about 6:30. Woohoo! 😀 After several cups of coffee and a protein pancake the size of my face, I hit the garage for my Team Fit Anywhere Workout. It was the Day 6 workout which, to me, is the most challenging but the most gratifying.

Combination of TRX, dumbells, and body weight exercises
We took a family trip to Walmart (so exciting...) and then I spent the early afternoon preparing for a 3-day work trip. I'm excited to have 2 nights in a hotel by myself, but I'm anxious about being away from the baby for 3 days. And traveling with a breast pump sucks!!

I pounded out a 4-miler in the afternoon and was pleasantly surprised at how great my legs felt. I tend to run quite a bit slower the day after a long run, but was pretty pleased to run an 8:33 on a gorgeous 60-degree day.

And now it's after 8pm, and I'm just about ready for bed! My flight leaves at 6:45 tomorrow morning, so I'm planning to get up and get a workout in at 4. Yes, 4am - because #goals. Thankfully we live just 4 miles from the airport, which is super tiny and not busy at all. I'll be headed to Savannah by way of Atlanta tomorrow, and then Indianapolis by way of Atlanta on Tuesday, before coming back home on Wednesday, again by way of Atlanta. I have just as many articles of workout clothing in my suitcase as I do work clothing. 😏

Wish me luck! It's going to busy and slightly stressful - but such is the life of a working mama!

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