Sunday, March 5, 2017

Adventures of Zombiemom

If I could sum up the past week in a word or 2 it would be - SO TIRED! The little man has had a cold, plus he is teething and learning new things fast and furious. There hasn't been a whole lot sleep happening over here. I've been feeling like Zombiemom more often than not. So thank goodness for work flexibility. I only went into the office one time! Most days I was rolling out of bed late, downing coffee, grabbing a workout in the garage or a run outside, and then jumping on the computer around 8:30 am, unshowered and still in sweaty clothes. This mom life is a glamorous one!

My brain is still a little bit fried, leaving me at a loss for words... but here are a few memorable moments from the past few days...

  • I always workout with weights in the garage in the morning, and take a long walk at lunch. This past Monday I was able to meet the hubby and 2 of my kiddos at Falls Park. 😀 Burning calories and getting some family time in.

  • My Grandpa finally got to meet my little guy! It is always so fun to have my Grandpa around. The kids love him, and he magically turns into a kid again when he's around them

  • The little man started pulling up - all the time on everything!! I was working from home Friday, and I turned away for just a second, and then turned back to find this. Oh, and he acted like it was no big deal, of course.

  • And best of all, I absolutely killed my 10-mile training run on Sunday, despite the fact that I wasn't feeling well the day before. This run was almost a full 10 seconds per mile faster than my fastest race pace - and it even included a 7:50 mile at mile 7! WHAT?! I don't want to get overly confident, but I really think I may be headed for a new PR! The Savannah Women's Half is just 5 weeks away - eek!

Whew! I guess in my constant half-asleep state, I really did quite a lot over the past few days! Here's hoping the next few bring more rest, and more to say. 😉


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