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Hi! I'm Emily, a thirty-something working mommy of 3, fitness junkie, half marathoner, vegetarian, and lover of good wine. I used to blog over at Wordpress under the title of Healthy Fit Mama, but then, well...life got in the way.

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I started this blog as an outlet share how I stay fit and healthy (and sane!) while balancing a full-time office job, 2 energetic little girls (and as of March 2016, a baby boy too!), and all the other things that come along with being a grownup .

Quick background... I was never athletic in high school. I was working at my part-time job in a pharmacy, drinking Pepsi and eating Hostess cupcakes while many of my friends were at dance class, field hockey practice, and whatnot. Somehow I managed to stay thin. And then I went to college. I made it through my freshman year without gaining the infamous freshman 15, but by the time I finished my sophomore year, I had easily gained 20 pounds.

Flash forward to my 23rd birthday. As I was chowing down on cheese-laden Mexican food in a restaurant with about 135 pounds on my 5-foot frame, I decided enough was enough. Right then and there, I declared to my boyfriend (who is now my husband) that I was tired of feeling sluggish and tired of being unhealthy. I resolved to make a change. And change I did. Through healthy cooking and consistent workouts 4 days a week, I dropped nearly 30 pounds in a matter of 3 months. By that point, I was hooked. Hooked on looking and feeling fit and energetic.

Since that time, I've gotten married, moved around a lot, had 3 babies and much more. And through it all, I've managed to keep a consistent exercise habit, and develop some new habits. I picked up running, and have run 7 half marathons in the past 6 years.

So that's me, in a nutshell. Thanks for stopping by. Come back often for fitness stories, yummy food pictures, and whatever else I feel like posting. :)

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